3 Best Tattoo Design Books On The Market

So you are looking for the best tattoo designs? Look no further because it’s here. You will find the three absolute best tattoo design books on the market today, that will give you a huge burst of inspiration by showing you thousands of different tattoo designs all classified in their specific categories.

There are a lot of books about tattoo designs but most of them aren’t that great really. Many just present an overview of very basic and common designs. The good old “Infinity Logo” or “Straight Tribal” are at the top of the list. Basically they hold all the designs you are not looking for. What you want is an unique tattoo which is not on the skin of half the world population. You will find what you are looking for in the books we listed below. These books are jam packed with amazing and unique tattoo designs. From Tiger to Cherry Blossom tattoo’s you are guaranteed to find the best and most unique designs. Best of all, not only we but thousands of other people love these books, just look at the reviews. So if you are serious about finding your dream design, they are a must have!

Tattoo Johnny: 3,000 Tattoo Designs

This is one amazing book if you are looking to find that one perfect design. Choosing a design is never easy and it never will be. You will have to carry that one tattoo with you for the rest of your life. It is therefore very
important you get something tatted you truly love.

Tattoo Johnny has helped thousands of people find their dream design.Many people picked a design form this book or used it as inspiration to combine or recreate their own. Wether you are looking for angels, devils, flowers, pirates, pun-ups, religious images, starts or zodiac signs it’s all there and more!
The best thing, the designs are all made by renowned artists so you know you have thousands of quality designs in this book.

Going through this book you will experience that no page is the same. Each page holds a variety of designs based on the size. All images are classified based on style, it is therefore super easy to find what you are looking for. You can just go to the specific style you love and get all the inspiration you need in the pages of that style.

The amazing design styles you will find in this book are too many to list here but we can tell you a couple: Wings tattoos, eagle tattoos, tiger tattoos, scorpion tattoos, cherry blossom tattoos and lotus tattoos. Apart from the styles listed there are hundreds more listed in this high quality book.

This book is a must have for anyone that’s interested in tattoo designs and is easy one of the best Tattoo Design books out there today.

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Superior Tattoo Bibles

The Superior Tattoo Bible range is a collection of three special books. The books cover a large variety of different genres, there is basically something for everybody in these books. The books are more commonly known as the holy grails regarding tattoo books hence the name “Tattoo Bible”. You will never have to walk into a tattoo shop again to look at their designs cause the bible collection holds all designs often presented by tattoo parlors and more!

Superior Tattoo Bible: Book One

The first book of this amazing collection will bring you a tremendous amount of inspiration as soon as you hit the first page. Wether you have ten tattoo’s or none this book will show you such a variety of designs you will be impressed no matter your tattoo experience level!

Book one provided over 500 pieces of unique flash art. Everything is included wether you are looking for hearts or dragons, traditional style or avant-garde you will find everything you are looking for. The artists who are listed in this book are the best of the best. You will see names like Kevin LeBlanc, Aaron Coleman, Bob Sims, Nate Powers and many, many more. All of the designers are well known and established artists with a proven track record of excellence.

You might ask what makes this book different from all other tattoo books out in the market. Well, where most books focus on one specific genre. the Superior Tattoo Bible: Book one, covers many different genres and the ideas and inspiration this book will provide is endless.

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Most people are just looking for a book to add to their collection but this book is your collection. The best thing? This is just part one, there are two more!

Superior Tattoo Bible: Book Two

Book two in the Super Tattoo Bible Collection continuous right where book one ended. This second part in the trilogy holds another stunning 144 pages of content. Content which you are eager to see because this will kick start your inspiration engine.

Superior Tattoo Bible Book Two holds another unique and colourful collection of flash art. All the old-school designs are there from skull to tribal and Americana to the often displayed avant-garde.

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Superior Tattoo Bible: Book Three 

You know how they say all good things must come to an end? This is also the case with one of the best tattoo design collections in the world. Book three in the Superior Tattoo Bible collection is the last one. But you also know how people say, save the best for last? They sure did!

With over 350 images, this last book of the collection is the perfectcompanion for any tattooist, from the aspiring novice to the seasoned vet. This book will provide you with all resources to create the ultimate tattoo design.

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If you loved book one and two this one is obviously a must have. It fits the Superior Tattoo Bible range perfectly and is a quality product which you can add to your collection of books with full confidence.

The Mammoth Book of Tattoos

The last book we want to show you is The Mammoth Book of Tattoos, this book is one of our favourites. Not only does it have a collection of all styles of tattoos from bold tribal pieces, Chinese characters and hieroglyphs to delicate air-brushed designs it also includes one segment rarely seen in tattoo books and this got us most excited!

The books shows striking images of full body suits which are hardly found anywhere else. The suits show the complete package when it comes to tattoo’s. You can barely see any skin as the body is fully inked, for most a possible nightmare but for ink lovers a true life dream!

If you wondered why the mammoth part was picked for the name it might come as no surprise that this book has over 500 pages! Yes you read that right 500 pages, that means if you would spend only one minute per page it would take you over 8 hours to get through this book.

Tremendous value is offered in this great book by Lal Hardy who has been operating his tattoo shop in London since 1979.

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Prefer Digital?

If you rather have an overview of amazing designs on your computer instead of a hardcopy then do not worry, we’ve got you covered. Although we love to have our hands on a hard copy and look through it page by page old school style this might be a pain if you want to compare thousands of designs, we get it.

This amazing database offers over 25.000 designs in 60 different categories. You can get it with a huge discount today by just clicking here.


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